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The idea of a Puppy Register came to be in 1970 when Section Committee Member Sheila Baker of the Shemaur Shelties, produced a register
in which to place and sell Sheltie puppies. This has remained a popular and safe way of finding suitable homes for Shelties ever since.



Our Puppy Register representative is:    Linda Barley 


 If you have any puppies available, please contact Linda include any details including the colour, sex and age.

Linda will forward the information onto prospective owners who are in search of a puppy.
Please donít forget to notify Linda when the puppy has gone to its new home, so that she can keep her records up to date.

Please note that only fully paid up members of the English Shetland Sheepdog Club are allowed to place puppies on the register.


 Re-Homing Services


For enquiries regarding the re-homing of Shelties (young adults and older dogs), please contact: 

the ESSC Welfare and Rescue coordinator, Sheila Riding - 07707 179 723

or the Branch representative - Sheila Stock 01279 82989



Many homes for Shelties tend to come via members of Breed Clubs. They live happily and contentedly with owners who love and care for them all their lives.